Armand Larive TV to Broadcast Eclipse Live on Aug. 20-21


Armand Larive Middle School will send an ALTV news crew to Warm Springs to report on the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21.

Robert Doherty, science teacher and ALTV advisor, will take five students to be part of this unique opportunity. ALTV’s participation is made possible by the Jefferson County School District, the Northwest Earth and Space Sciences Pipeline, and the Washington NASA Space Grant Consortium.

The ALTV crew will join at least two dozen scientists and students from the University of Washington and NASA, and fifty students from the Warm Springs K-8 Academy. ALTV will attempt to provide a live broadcast on Sunday, Aug. 20-21. However, due to heavy Internet usage expected in the area during the total solar eclipse, a stable Internet connection may not be easily obtained.

ALTV will highlight the eclipse on a news program scheduled for September.

“It’s a great honor to be able to involve a group of students in this unique event where they will put their reporting skillsto use and be able to interact with NASA professionals,” said Doherty. “The total solar eclipse in itself is a sight to see, but this event also presents the students with an opportunity to see a scientific event of this magnitude through a different lens. We are very appreciative for those agencies that made this possibility a reality.”



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