Good Shepherd Announces Addition of Midwife to Women’s Center


Fifth Century Greek philosopher Plato is quoted as saying, “The greatest privilege of a human life is to become a midwife to the awakening of the soul in another person.”

Undoubtedly midwives have capabilities which make their service and skill desirable to many women of all ages. With that in mind, the Good Shepherd Women’s Center made a commitment to make midwife services available once the new Women’s Center was complete and open. This April, that commitment has become a reality with the addition of Certified Nurse Midwife Kelli Stephenson.

To Stephenson, midwifery is more than just a career, it’s her passion.

Certified Nurse Midwife, Kelli Stephenson is excited to care for the needs of women seeking her services and she is now welcoming new patients at the Good Shepherd Women’s Center in Hermiston. (Photo: GSHCS)

“The word midwife literally means, ‘with women,’ I feel strongly that I partner with women and their families for their care,” she said. “There are so many reasons why I enjoy this so much. First of all, it gives women and their families a choice in the type of care they want. My desire is to show the women who seek my care, kindness, and empathy, and to help them feel relaxed. This gives me an opportunity to know my patients more personally. They feel comfortable sharing things with me that could be affecting their health that is outside of the normal healthcare conversation – stress, home, career, kids, lifestyle choices – it affords me the opportunity to provide better care.”

When most people hear the term midwife they think of labor and delivery, but according to Stepheson, midwives provide a lot more care than that.

“I’m a registered nurse at heart – a patient advocate, and as a Certified Nurse Midwife, I am able to provide labor and delivery services for healthy moms and babies,” she said. “I also provide gynecological care for all ages of women seeking a more personalized care experience. If you want to discuss prenatal care, birth control, menopause, I’m willing and able to provide that care. I strive to provide safe, evidence-based care. I respect each woman and her specific care needs. Every woman is unique, so I will spend a lot of time listening and involving each woman in their care.”

As a part of the Good Shepherd Women’s Center team, Stephenson is looking forward to working with an expert team of obstetrician and gynecologist physicians.

“I’m really looking forward to working alongside an amazing group of OB-GYN’s and to know that when something out of the ordinary arises, I have the support of my partner physicians,” she said. “I’m looking forward to working with such a collaborative team serving and caring for the women seeking care at the Good Shepherd Women’s Center.”

The Good Shepherd Women’s Center cares for the obstetrical and gynecological needs of women of all ages and is located at 620 N.W. 11th St., in Hermiston. To schedule an appointment with Stephenson, call 541-667-3801 or request an appointment online.


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