Hermiston High School Events Roundup


Chantal Hinkley
Chantal Hinkley
With only a week until spring break, students and staff at Hermiston High School are in overdrive mode to get everything done so next week can be one of relaxation. Despite the upcoming vacation, HHS has still been keeping everyone busy. Here’s a summary of events that have occurred in the past week and some deadlines and events to be looking forward to!

Aspire – Our Aspire members took a group of students to the Tri-Cities on Friday, March 11 to visit some places and learn more about possible careers. Those who went were able to experience a tour through Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology, visit Washington State University, and see the Tri-City Herald.

Bulldogs-To-Be – The eighth graders came in from both Sandstone Middle School and Armand Larive to take a tour of the school and get a feel for the electives/classes they might want to take when they forecast for their first year with the Hermiston High School.

HHS Club Demonstrations – Every year, Bulldog clubs and sometimes even elective classes like to put up displays and have an evening where they can show what the purpose of the club is, what group meetings look like, and what kind of activities are undergone. This year, the event was held March 10, and displayed all sorts of clubs and organizations, from chess to choir. Students both in high school and middle school showed up to check out the different extra-curricular programs we offer.

Choir – The Hermiston High choirs put on a concert on March 8. The performance was fantastic; our Bulldog singers really outdid themselves. The concert was the work of choir director Josh Rist, who never disappoints with song selections and overall concert atmosphere.

Scholarship Season – As graduation approaches and students scramble to keep up with college deadlines, counselors and teachers are putting more and more stress on the scholarships available for those who are not sure if they can pay for college (or those who could benefit from the extra money in general). It is highly advised that the class of 2016 be searching for scholarships to apply to so student loans and debts are not as costly in the future.