Hermiston School District to Test CrisisManager Application


The Hermiston School District will test the CrisisManager application on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 6 p.m.

The CrisisManager application is another means that the district will utilize to share inclement weather or other related information with staff, parents and students in a quick manner. CrisisManager is a free application available for Android and iOS devices.

The application on personal devices is voluntary. For instructions on how to download the application, go to CrisisManager. Once the application is downloaded, check the cell phone or device settings, select the CrisisManager app and ensure notifications are enabled for the application.

Parents may also receive school closure/delay or other emergency related information via:

  • District website will display a banner identifying the closure or delay information for the day, prior to 6 a.m. In the absence of a banner, during inclement weather, the district will run on time without delay.
  • District Facebook and Twitter will show a post informing parents of the closure or delay information for the day, prior to 6 a.m.
  • SchoolMessenger, an automated system the district uses to inform students and families of school closures, delays and other emergency related information.
  • District phone message, callers may retrieve school closure and delay information by dialing into the district’s automated voice system at 541-667-6000. Pressing “1” will open the English menu, and selecting “1” again will direct callers to school closure, delay, and emergency information. To hear the information in Spanish, callers should press “2” for Spanish and then “1” for the information.
  • Our local newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations from surrounding areas will also have the district information.


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