HHS Hosting Knowledge Bowl Today


Hermiston High School will host a Knowledge Bowl Club tournament today, Wednesday, from 4:00-7:30 p.m., in the Commons.

Nearly65 students representing five high schools from Echo, Stanfield, Helix, Umatilla and Connell, Washington will participate in the competition. The event is a fast-paced question-and-answer tournament that will test the students’ knowledge in a variety of topics including science, literature, history, geography, current events, math, music, and religion.

There will be three oral rounds of fifty questions followed by a championship round featuring the top three teams with the highest cumulative points. The team with the most questions answered correctly during the championship round will win the honor.

John Lauck and Maggie Hughes-Boyd, co-advisors of the 16-member Hermiston club will be directing the event. Two school board members will be serving as volunteers; Karen Sherman will be a reader, and Dave Smith will be a timer.

“The students have been looking forward to the competition and it’s quite an honor for us to be hosting the event,” said Lauck. “We have students who are very enthusiastic and will be representing every grade level. We encourage folks to come out and support our team.”