HPD Making Effort to Return Stolen Property to Rightful Owners


The Hermiston Police Department is asking the public’s help in clearing out recovered property.

Cpt. Travis Eynon said the department is attempting to return as much stolen property that has been recovered, but the sheer volume is making the task difficult.

“The word is getting out as people are still contacting us and claiming property,” Eynon said. “As much as we have released, it is amazing how much we still have. We are hopeful we can return as much property as possible. We cannot keep the property indefinitely however.”

Eynon said if anyone knows someone who has had their storage unit burglarized, ask them to get in touch with the police – they may have their items. Eynon also had some advice for folks who have property in storage units.

“If you or someone you know have a storage unit you haven’t checked in a while, please go check it,” he said. Burglars often break off existing locks on storage units and replace them with new locks so the rightful owner cannot access the unit.



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