The Latest Events at Hermiston High School

Band Concert
The Hermiston High School Band gave a concert on Thursday - just one of the many events taking place at the school.

Chantal Hinkley
Chantal Hinkley
The last week of February was bustling with activity for the students and staff of Hermiston High School. Here’s a quick sum up of the week’s events along with upcoming activities and deadlines.

Drivers Education – The Spring Drivers Education meeting this year will be held on March 9 at the Hermiston High School Library from 6-7:30 p.m. Parents are encouraged to attend to find out more.

Outdoor School – Recruiting for outdoor school counselors has started up again! High schoolers should have the applications in their emails if they are interested; if anyone has questions, they are to see Liz Marvin in the Career and Counseling Center of the high school.

Region 23 Chess Competition – Saturday, Feb. 27, the Chess Club at HHS hosted the Chess For Success Tournament. It was a huge success; a Hermiston contestant, Oscar Galdamez, took home first place and qualified to go to the state competition for the second year in a row, which will be held next month. “[I’m] sorta nervous,” he said when asked about the upcoming challenge. “Last year, I got demolished, but yeah. I feel like it’s going to be different this year.”

Robotics Club –The Hermiston High School Robotics team competed in the Oregon FIRST Tech Challenge State Championship, won all five qualifying matches and earned a fourth place ranking prior to the playoff. They made it into semi-finals before being eliminated. Overall, HHS did great!

Aspire – Friday, March 11, the Aspire team will be taking a group of students to the Tri-Cities. The plan is to tour the Tri-City Herald, visit Washington State University, and learn about the cosmetology program at Victoria’s Academy of Cosmetology.

Scholarship Season – Counselors and teachers are putting a lot of emphasis on the scholarships available for the juniors and seniors of the school. The “scholarship season” is in full swing; those who would like some extra funds for college are advised to look in the counseling office or online for local to nationwide scholarships to apply for.

Band Concert – The band program put on a concert Thursday in the Hermiston High School auditorium. The event exhibited HHS Jazz Band and both the advanced and beginning percussion, with multiple soloists throughout the pieces.