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Hermiston High School

The Hermiston School District is the largest school district in Eastern Oregon, exceeding 5,000 students, and continues to experience steady growth. It serves students in grades kindergarten through 12, with a broad range of programs from basic skills to vocational opportunities to advanced placement classes.

Blue Mountain Community College Hermiston serves the western region of Umatilla County. A full range of college services is available including a comprehensive basic skills and extended learning program. Eastern Oregon University is bringing high-quality programs to Hermiston through the Eastern Oregon Higher Education Center.

Here’s a list of schools, colleges and scholastic organizations in the region.


Hermiston School District
The Hermiston School District includes a 9-12 senior high school, two 6-8 middle schools, and five K-5 elementary schools, all within the city limits.  more

305 SW 11th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Hermiston High School
Hermiston High School educates a growing population, serving approximately 1500 students grades 9-12, with over 120 dedicated teachers and support staff members.

The largest high school in all of Eastern Oregon, Hermiston provides a robust offering of content courses as well as a variety of elective curriculums that are tied to regional college degrees, certificates, and programs. Annually, over 5000 college credits are earned across six recognized programs of study through partnerships with various community colleges and institutions of higher education, instructed on campus by qualified HHS staff.  more

600 S 1st Street
Hermiston, Oregon

(Photo: Hermiston School District)

Armand Larive Middle School
Armand Larive is a middle school of 650 students in rural Eastern Oregon. The original school, located on Ridgeway Avenue, was built in 1936 and was once home to Hermiston High School. It was demolished, relocated, and replaced in August 2011.  more

1497 SW 9th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Sandstone Middle School
Sandstone is a beautiful building constructed in 1995, with 85,228 square feet on 40 acres of green space. The architectural design complements the middle school concept, with four instructional wings, ample planning areas, and well planned office space.  more

400 NE 10th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Desert View Elementary School
With much of the school being naturally lit, Desert View Elementary is a bright and beautiful building. The staff at Desert View is committed to fostering an environment where students are valued, loved and feel they are part of the school family.  more

1225 SW 9th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Highland Hills Elementary School
Highland Hills Elementary was built in 1980 on a seven acre plot of land. It is currently the second oldest building in the district and serves approximately 550 elementary students from the Hermiston area.  more

450 SE 10th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Rocky Heights Elementary School
Rocky Heights was built in 1962 and named after the nearby rocky prominence known as The Butte. Together, teachers, students, parents, and community members make our school a positive place to learn.  more

650 W Standard Avenue
Hermiston, Oregon

Sunset Elementary School
The original Sunset was erected in 1957 on the same site as the current building. Students entered the new facility in 2011. The site was shared with Armand Larive Middle School until the beginning of the 2011-12 school year.  more

300 E Catherine Avenue
Hermiston, Oregon

West Park Elementary School
West Park Elementary was officially opened and dedicated in 1950 and rebuilt in 2011. In the sixty plus years that followed, West Park students, staff and families built enthusiasm and pride that is still felt throughout the building.  more

555 SW 7th Street
Hermiston, Oregon


Kennison Field, Hermiston High School
Hermiston Boosters
The Hermiston Sports Booster Club functions as a means to provide program support, equipment, travel, supplies, and facilities improvements over and above the Hermiston High School athletic budget.  more

PO Box 284
Hermiston, Oregon

Hermiston Education Foundation
The Hermiston Education Foundation is a non-profit organization created to promote, facilitate and carry out academic endeavors aimed at enriching the student experience in the Hermiston School District.  more

1114 SW Court Avenue
Pendleton, Oregon

Hermiston ONLINE!
Hermiston ONLINE! provides students from the greater Umatilla and Morrow counties an opportunity to receive their education in an environment which may better suit the learning needs for them and their families.  more

305 SW 11th Street
Hermiston, Oregon

Student Homebuilder Program
The Columbia Basin Student Homebuilder Program is a unique Career and Technical Education opportunity offered by the Hermiston School District for students to participate in the design, construction, and sale of a local residential home.  more

600 S 1st Street
Hermiston, Oregon


Stanfield Secondary School
Hermiston Christian Schoolmore
1825 W. Highland Avenue
Hermiston, Oregon

Hermiston Junior Academymore
1300 NW Academy Lane
Hermiston, Oregon

Umatilla School Districtmore
1001 6th Street
Umatilla, Oregon

Umatilla High Schoolmore
1400 7th Street
Umatilla, Oregon

Stanfield School Districtmore
1120 N Main Street
Stanfield, Oregon

(Photo: Hermiston School District)

Stanfield Secondary Schoolmore
1120 N Main Street
Stanfield, Oregon

(Photo: Tedder via Wikimedia Commons)

Echo School Districtmore
600 Gerome Street
Echo, Oregon

Irrigon Junior-Senior High Schoolmore
315 E Wyoming Street
Irrigon, Oregon

Riverside Junior-Senior High Schoolmore
210 NE Boardman Avenue
Boardman, Oregon

Sam Boardman Elementarymore
301 Wilson Lane
Boardman, Oregon

Windy River Elementarymore
500 Tatone Street
Boardman, Oregon


Eastern Oregon Higher Education Center
Blue Mountain Community College, Hermiston Campusmore
980 SE Columbia Drive
Hermiston, Oregon

Eastern Oregon University, Hermiston Regional Centermore
975 SE Columbia Drive
Hermiston, Oregon

(Photo: MIM1765 via Wikimedia Commons)