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Demolition of Demilitarization Building Completed

The massive building that housed the equipment and furnaces that destroyed the Umatilla Chemical Depot’s chemical weapons stockpile has been demolished, and the last...

Chemical Depot Demolition Off to Good Start

Northwest Demolition is about three weeks into the process of the building where chemical munitions were processed on the Umatilla Chemical Depot. Work began Aug....

Depot to Reduce Workforce by 100 Today

Demolition Set to Begin on Aug. 15 The Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (UMCDF) will reduce its workforce by about 100 positions today. This Reduction in...

'One Thing That's Impacted Is People'

Jobs Disappearing as Depot Closure Progresses Less than two years ago, more people, approximately 1,350, worked out at the Umatilla Chemical Depot than anywhere else...