10 Treated and Released from Good Shepherd After Accident


Ten people traveling from Lewiston, Idaho were treated and released after being involved in an accident outside of Hermiston on Thursday.

The people were part of a youth group. The accident took place at the Interstate 82 and 84 interchange. The group involved nine children and one youth leader. They were transported to the Good Shepherd Medical Center for treatment. Two other vehicles with the group were not involved in the accident.

Good Shepherd staff triaged and treated the youth and youth leader that were brought to the ER with varying degrees of injuries. The additional youth along with their leaders were given a private space to debrief, take inventory, and make phone calls. Food and beverages were provided while youth waited for their families to arrive.

GSHCS President & CEO, Dennis Burke, acknowledged,

“Our team did a superb job of caring for those suffering from injuries, and the youth and youth leaders who were concerned about their friends,” said Good Shepherd President and CEO Dennis Burke. “Under the circumstances, we wanted to make sure that the youth, their leaders, and families had a private space to decompress, interact with each other, and where we could provide for their other basic needs of food and beverages – while we awaited family to arrive. Our thoughts are with each of the youth and leaders involved. When situations like this arise, our team is ready.”

The youth and youth leader have since been treated and released.