A Man and His Clocks

Dick Jackson Clock
Dick Jackson counted all 223 pieces of wood that went into the making of this clock.
3 clocks
A trio of Jackson’s more decorative clocks.
Dresser Clocks
Jackson’s dresser hold nearly two dozen of his clocks.
Lamp Clock
This floor lamp doubles as a clock.
Dog Clock
The right eye shows the hour, the left shows the minutes.
Wine Clock
A bottle of wine with a clock built in.
Fireplace Clock
Plug this clock in and a fireplace comes to life.
This is a World War II Navy chronometer.
Oldest Clock
The oldest clock in Jackson’s collection – from around 1790.
This clock swings back and forth with every second.
1 Wind clock
This clock only needs to be wound once a year. Jackson’s note at the bottom reminds him when the last winding took place.