Amazon Web Services Steps Up to Help Umatilla School District


When Amazon Web Services (AWS) offered to come to the Umatilla School District to consider possible sponsorship for the robotics and after-school programs, Superintendent Heidi Sipe asked students to take charge. “No one can identify needs of a program better than the students in the program,” said Sipe.

Earlier this school year, high school students walked the guests through the schools and highlighted the current robotics and STEAM Academy programming and shared their dreams for the programs. Following the visit, AWS came through to make the students’ vision become reality.

With a donation of $70,000, the programs have been able to add equipment including cameras, a drone, 3-D printers and computers to run CAD software, along with robot parts and afterschool supplies. When COVID-19 caused schools across Oregon to close, AWS supported food service deliveries and distance learning programs by donating additional supplies, including laptops to support student technology needs.

“Years ago, we dreamed of having the type of technology to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Sipe. “It’s amazing to think that today, we have the technology and the jobs for students right here in Umatilla. I am thankful for the generosity of AWS and look forward to our continued work together.”