Athena-Weston’s Pipes and Drums Halftime Show Returns on Feb. 3


The Athena-Weston School District and Weston-McEwen High School have announced the return of the Pipes and Drums Halftime show on the evening of Friday, Feb. 3.

This school tradition, which began in 1950, showcases the talents of students and celebrates the local ties to Scottish heritage.

“We are excited to have our current students perform our iconic halftime show again,” said Weston-McEwen High School Vice Principal Morgan Rauch. “This legacy connects our students to each of the generations over the past 70 years.” 

This year’s show, built around the iconic song Amazing Grace, is dedicated to first responders and the medical community who serve the area. The show will feature performances by bagpipers, highland dancers, and a new section of pipers. 

The halftime show will take place during the boys’ basketball varsity game. The pipes and drums program is led by Weston-McEwen high school band director Rob McIntyre, who noted that 30 students are performing this year. 

For more information, call 541-566-3551.


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