Ball Committee Postpones Annual Father-Daughter Dance Until 2021


Due to the uncertainties of the impact that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have on the local community, the Me and My Prince Ball Committee has decided to postpone the 16th annual father-daughter dance until next year.

Committee members explain that the postponement was the best action to take since no one is certain how long state and federal restrictions on social gatherings would last or how these restrictions will impact the local economy.

The Me and My Prince Ball is hosted by the United Way of the Blue Mountains, a partnership that was just established in early February.

“After careful consideration regarding the health, safety and financial impact on our community over the COVID-19 virus, we feel this is the best way to proceed in the midst of such an unprecedented global situation,” said Christy Lieuallen, executive director of United Way of the Blue Mountains. “We are heartbroken that we must postpone this event, but we know it’s the right decision based on the information we have today.”

The committee discussed the possibility of delaying the event until later in the year, but then came to the conclusion that this could cause an unfair burden on volunteers and the community.

“Holding the dance in the fall would mean our committee of volunteers would be planning and working back to back on one sizeable event after another,” said Michelle Kane, a member of the ball committee. “We also do not feel comfortable about asking local businesses to support our event and then turn around a few months later to ask them to support another one.”

The next Me and My Prince Ball will be held May 15, 2021, from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Eastern Oregon Trade and Event Center in Hermiston. The theme will still be Tale as Old as Time, which is inspired by Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Businesses and individuals who have already sent in contributions to sponsor the 2020 ball are being notified of the change in plans. They are being given the option to either be reimbursed or stay on as sponsors for the 2021 dance. In addition, United Way’s online sponsorship form will remain open for those who would like to support next year’s ball. It can be found at

The Me and My Prince Ball is a community event with the purpose of promoting healthy girl and male role model relationships by helping to strengthen the bonds between girls of all ages their fathers or other male role models.

For more information about becoming a sponsor of the Me and My Prince Ball or questions about United Way, contact Lieuallen at (509) 676-9099. For general information about the ball, contact Kane at (541) 564-5985.


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