Boardman City Council Approves Utility Rate Increase of 5 Percent


The Boardman City Council approved resolutions for a 5-percent increase in the city’s water and sewer rates at its Tuesday meeting.

The city previously approved a garbage rate increase of 8 percent due to the city’s garbage contractor increasing their fees.

The rate increase will help pay for future improvements to the city’s water and sewer system.

The last time the water and sewer rates were increase was in 2016. The water and sewer rates reflect an increase of 5 percent across all rate types. Currently the residential water, sewer, and garbage combined base rate is $56.10 and beginning July 1 the combined rate will be $59.27, an increase of $3.17 per unit. The residential water base rate will be $17.33 and the residential sewer base rate will be $28.88. The new rates will take effect July 1.


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