Boardman Elementary School Teacher Charged with Sex Abuse


The Morrow County School District placed Robert Weems, a teacher at Windy River Elementary, on paid administrative leave on Feb. 1. Weems teaches sixth grade at the school and was hired by the district on July 1, 2017.

Robert Weems

The school district was made aware of a potential situation regarding Weems on the morning of Thursday, Feb. 1, and immediately placed him on leave. Weems, 42, was arrested on Friday, Feb. 2 by The Dalles Police Department and has been charged with two counts of second-degree sexual, one count of third-degree sexual abuse and one count of official misconduct.

The district is unable to provide any other information on personnel issues.


  1. Sick bastard. Raping children, you should fry for what you have done. This makes me sick. How on earth do we protect our children ? If that was my child, I know what I would do to you!!!!!

  2. I am not sticking up for this guy by any means. If he is guilty he needs to pay. But all this says is potential situation. Not an actual charge. No proof yet of what happened.

  3. I knew Robert my wife and I were at his wedding pi day 3\14\15 NEVER would have seen this
    He is a veteran and had a stroke due to something the US gave him anti anthrax I believe (I have had 2 ) he did on line collage courses ang graduated with honors I believe
    Shocking is an under statement
    Creative and skilled
    Love his wife although I understand public sentiments we don’t know what has happened

  4. My daughter is a 6th grader at Windy River. Really wishing I knew more here. Lots of ??? Going thru my head right now. She brought home a note from the district yesterday. She says that the kids really liked him. ????????

  5. I would like to say, thank god he’s being sent away from these children! He was my dad’s best friend for years til about almost 7 years ago we caught him doing the unthinkable! He was trying to run away with my older sister! I never felt comfortable with him in our house! He was always off to me and I was a small kid back then, I hope he gets death row! He’s a sick bastard!

  6. I hope they do a thorough multi-state investigation and bring to light the history of this sociopath creeper. He’s very charming and full of stories! I’m glad he’s finally been caught.

  7. Our family does known this person and many others that are being in this same kinda deal, I am Not saying they did it or not. But I can tell you that the young girls now a days think its all a control in their favor to mess up a mans life. Now a days touching someone as much as on the shoulder is being claimed as a crime. If I was a man I would start wearing a body camera just for protection. Now they are all guilty until they can prove themselves otherwise. This world is getting worse not better and its sad!

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