Boardman Officials Take Steps to Ensure Drinking Water Safety


Officials at the city of Boardman announced steps they have taken to assure city residents that their drinking water is safe, meeting and exceeding state and federal water quality standards.

The city is using a number of different communication tools to address the concerns raised by a water emergency recently declared in Morrow County relating to contamination in rural drinking wells. Different than their rural neighbors, Boardman residents receive safe and dependable water supplied from local aquifers.

“We want Boardman City residents to know that the safety of families in our community is our top priority – so we are taking an extra effort to share testing information and reports that provide confidence in the quality of the drinking water that we supply to city residents and local businesses”, said Boardman City Manager Karen Pettigrew.

The city of Boardman has taken the following steps to share information about the city’s safe drinking water:

  • Posted water quality testing results on city website showing nitrate levels well within safety ranges established by Oregon Health Authority
  • Posted information about safety of drinking water and city hall contact info on city reader board
  • Posted public service information flyers in key locations around town about Boardman Safe Drinking Water
  • Sent Safe Drinking Water public service information to residential developers and city homeowners

“We continue to work closely with all local community health partners to make sure our neighbors get the assistance they need – we particularly applaud the efforts of the local businesses that have volunteered assistance in distributing clean water and paying for testing kits/filtration systems for our neighbors in rural Morrow County”, added Pettigrew.

For more information about safe drinking water, please contact Boardman City Hall at 541-481- 9252.