Boardman Officials to City’s Motorists: We Feel Your Pain & It’s Almost Over


Boardman officials want residents to know they feel your pain.

The city began a water and sewer upgrade project in March of this year and for much of the time since then roadways have been impacted all around the city.

Officials say they are appreciative of motorists’ patience during the improvements.

In the Faler Road, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams area, some roadways have been closed over the last couple weeks, making it difficult for traffic to get around. City administrators say paving is almost complete in those areas.

These water and sewer upgrades have been in the planning stages since 2014. The upgrades are designed to ensure reliability and flexibility in the city’s water system improving fire flow. The sewer project corrected several reoccurring problem areas. City contractors plan to have the project completed in December.


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