Boardman Residents to Decide on Psilocybin Centers Operating in Town


Boardman is the latest municipality to put a ballot measure before voters asking them to approve or reject psilocybin manufacturers from operating within the city limits.

Like their counterparts in Morrow and Umatilla counties as well as the cities of Pendleton and Herimston, Boardman voters will have their say as to whether to allow psilocybin service and manufacturing centers can operate in city limits.

Statewide, voters passed Measure 109 last November which, beginning in January 2023, will allow the manufacturing, selling and administering of psilocybin – or its more common name, magic mushrooms.

The centers would essentially be a place – though not considered a health care facility – where an individual can go and – with the help of a staff member to monitor the effects – ingest psilocybin. It must be ingested onsite. No outside sales are allowed.

The state gave local governments the option to put before voters a ballot measure to ban the psilocybin centers within city limits – an opt-out option. Morrow County and Umatilla County commissioners have already voted to put similar ballot measures on the November ballot as have the Pendleton and Hermiston city councils.

If approved, this measure would prohibit licensed psilocybin product manufacturers and service center operators from operating within the city.  This prohibition would be permanent unless future action was taken.