Boardman Warns Residents Regarding Fake Utility Worker


Boardman officials are warning residents of a scam involving a fake utility worker.

Recently there have been reports of a fake water utility worker asking to come inside residents’ homes to check for “unhealthy” water.  He seemed to know the residents’ names and was wearing a fake badge.

The city of Boardman issued a warning to remind residents that that a utility worker almost never needs inside of your house, not matter which utility company they represent.

If someone is at your door and you were not contacted in advance, ask to see a badge or official identification, which they should gladly provide. They should also be driving a vehicle with the utility’s logo on the side of the vehicle.

If you suspect a fake utility worker, politely ask them to wait while you close your door, lock it, lock any other doors, and call the utility company to ask if they’ve sent people to your house. During work hours the city of Boardman can be reached at 541-481-9252.  If it after hours, contact dispatch at 541-676-5317 or call 911 and they can verify the authenticity of the utility worker.

Boardman officials warned that this kind of scam can be dangerous since it involves actual, physical proximity to the perpetrators, which can put you in danger of bodily harm.

Utility worker scams often target senior citizens, so make sure your friends, family and neighbors are aware of this type of crime, what to watch for and how to respond.


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