Chief Gives Update on Year-Old Murder Case

Madrigal Murder Update
Hermiston Police Chief said his investigators are waiting for "a couple of things to fall into place" regarding the 2015 murder of Alonso Madrigal.

It’s been nearly a year since Alonso G. Madrigal was shot and killed in Hermiston, but Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston said he there could be some significant developments in the case.

Alonzo Madrigal
Alonzo Madrigal
Speaking before the Hermiston Hispanic Advisory Committee on Tuesday, Edmiston gave an overview on overall crime in Hermiston during the past year. During the discussion, he mentioned the Madrigal murder that took place on March 4. The 23-year-old Umatilla man was shot in a neighborhood behind the 11th Street Market.

Edmiston said his team meets weekly to discuss the case and said some new developments may arise.

“Our two detectives are very vested in this case,” Edmiston said. “We’re just waiting for a couple of things to fall into place, then I think we’ll have some success in the case.”

Shortly after the murder, Edmiston spoke of a “code of silence” that was hampering the investigation.

Last March, Edmiston said investigators believe the murder of Madrigal was committed by a “gang or gangs from outside the Hermiston area.” Edmiston added that investigators do not believe Madrigal was targeted for activity typically associated with gang behavior, such as territorial issues or drug trade.

“Based on what we know, we believe Alonso was murdered as a result of an ongoing dispute and it is our belief Alonso was not engaged in such criminal activity typically associated with gang behavior,” Edmiston said in March 2015.