Children's Advocate to Give Parent Training Session


Children’s advocate and author Trudy Ludwig will give a parent training session on how to protect children from bullying and other anti-social behavior on Tuesday, Feb. 4 at the Hermiston High School auditorium.

Intentional exclusion, gossip, the silent treatment, teasing, and the spreading of rumors are often dismissed as normal rites of passage, but research shows these behaviors are a form of emotional bullying and are as harmful as physical bullying—with long-term negative effects.

Ludwig’s talk, scheduled from 6 to 7:30 p.m., will focus on relational aggression (the use of relationships to manipulate and hurt others) including the latest research findings, the nature of boys’ and girls’ friendships, cyberbullying, as well as tips, tools, and resources to help parents empower their children in their social world.

Ludwig has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, PBS’s Keeping Kids Healthy, the National Crime Prevention Council’s Circle of Respect Program, and served as an expert panel member on Sesame Street Workshop’s video series addressing bullying. This presentation is for adults only.

For more information, visit Ludwig’s website or call the Hermiston School District at 541-667-6010 or Michelle Jensen at 541-667-6900.