Chimpanzee Shot and Killed After Attacking 2 Women in Pendleton


A pet chimpanzee was shot and killed Sunday morning in Pendleton after it attacked its owner and her daughter.

Just around 8 a.m., Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office deputies, assisted by Pendleton Police and Pendleton Fire Department responded to 42251 Reith Road for a report of a large adult male chimpanzee that was out of its cage and had had bitten a 50-year-old female multiple times.

The caller was the owner of the chimpanzee, who has resided with her for approximately 17 years. The owner reported her daughter was trapped in the basement bedroom and needed immediate medical assistance.

In order to reach the daughter and treat her, a Umatilla County Sheriff’s deputy put down the chimp at the request of the owner. The chimp was dispatched with one shot to the head.

After the chimp was down, aid was rendered to the female. Both the owner and her adult daughter were taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital in Pendleton for treatment. The daughter suffered several bites to her torso, arms, and legs.