City of Boardman Announces Winner of the City Motto Contest


The city of Boardman has a new motto – “Small Town, Big Dreams.”

Boardman Mayor Paul Keefer stands with motto contest winner Hadley Coleman. (Photo courtesy of city of Boardman)

Sam Boardman Elementary School students Hadley Coleman turned in the winning name in Boardman’s City Motto Contest. With the new motto, the city was able to create a new logo and variations of it.

In other news, the Boardman City Council revealed its new Council Mission Statement: “The Boardman City Council believes responsible leadership is built on principles of transparency, communication, integrity, and the desire to serve our citizens with the shared goal towards the betterment of our community. We will actively listen, involve, and work together to foster grown and prosperity for the good of all residents.”

Sam Boardman Elementary School student Hadley Coleman turned in this winning entry in Boardman’s City Motto Contest. The city then created a logo to go with it. (Image courtesy of city of Boardman)



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