City to Appoint Oversight Committee to Implement Hermiston 2040


The city of Hermiston is moving ahead with its Hermiston 2040 project, the blueprint for the city’s future.

At Monday’s Hermiston City Council meeting, there was consensus to form an oversight committee to implement the plans.

The original steering committee was formed in January 2021 and over the course of the following year, a plan was developed and adopted by the council. But no plan is effective without follow-up action.

“Part of the recommendation of the steering committee was they didn’t want this to be a plan that sat on a shelf,” said City Manager Bryon Smith. “But, also, Hermiston 2040 shouldn’t be something that only the city is involved with. There’s lots of different organizations and we should involve all of those into this oversight committee to help guarantee success.”

Smith said organizations like the Hermiston School District and Hermiston Chamber of Commerce should be involved. He said it’s critical to develop and maintain community partnerships, continue to update community goals, and inform the public of progress to maintain interest and excitement in the project.

Hermiston Mayor David Drotzmann agreed that the project shouldn’t sit on a shelf and “get dusty.”

He suggested asking the original steering committee if they would like to also be part of the oversight committee, but Smith said that might be difficult.

“The problem is the committee has pretty much disbanded,” said Smith. “I think it would be hard to get that group together for a discussion. I can get a subgroup.”

Councilors Doug Primmer and Phillip Spicerkuhn suggested that the city ask if the original steering committee members have any input as to who should be on the committee.

Drotzmann offered to write letters to the original steering committee members asking if any of them would like to also serve on the oversight committee and if not, who would they recommend.

“Like Mr. Smith said, this wasn’t designed to be a city-owned project,” he said. “It’s meant to be a community project, so you want some of these community leaders that can help mold and shape this as we move forward.”


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