Classes in Umatilla Canceled Today Due to Outbreak of Illnesses


The Umatilla School District has canceled all classes today due to an outbreak of illnesses among students and staff.

Umatilla School Superintendent Heidi Sipe, in a letter to parents dated Monday, said the district has been working to address the spread of illness within the district.

Sipe said the number of absences due to illness throughout the last week was “fairly typical” for the time of year. But on Monday, the district saw a large spike of absences. More than 30 percent of McNary Heights Elementary students were absent, and 25.3 percent of Umatilla High School students were absent. The majority of absences were due to illness. At McNary Heights Elementary, nearly 29% of staff were out ill on Monday. Sipe said students exhibiting symptoms were sent home.

To prevent further spread, school will be canceled today for to help staff sanitize classrooms and prevent further potential exposure for staff and students.

“I apologize for the strain this causes families as I know the holiday break is already challenging for some families for child care,” said Sipe.

Classes are expected to resume on Nov. 28 following the Thanksgiving break.

For additional health information, go online or contact the Umatilla school nurses, Trista Tovey (MHES) and Tamara Bow (CBMS/UHS) at or