Committee raises necessary funding for stadium renovation

Kennison Field renovation project
Kennison Field renovation project

The Kennison Field Fundraising Committee announced it has raised the necessary $700,000 to ensure the $4 million stadium renovation will take place.

According to the committee, the money was raised in less than four months’ time,

The $700,000, which came from local and regional contributions, will combine with $3.3 million in federal and state grants and a $250,000 Hermiston Sports Booster donation to fund the stadium renovation. Bids are now being accepted for construction work, which is set to begin in early February. The facility‘s expected completion date is Aug. 1, prior to the first home football game.

“This will be a one-of-a-kind facility,” said Deputy Superintendent Wade Smith. “It will feature state-of-the-art amenities, ensuring the safest and most advantageous spectator and participant opportunities available. Just as the Hillsboro Stadium has brought athletic and economic opportunities to student athletes and their communities on the west side of the state, this facility will serve as a crown jewel for participants, families, and commerce throughout central and eastern Oregon.”

The multi-use facility, which can accommodate football, soccer, lacrosse, and track and field, will feature high-quality amenities for athletes and community users, according to the school district. Advanced synthetic turf, with added concussion and injury reducing measures, an IAAF certified track, and separate throwing implement and jumping stations are among the features designed by the renovation committee. Elevated stadium seating, accessibility for disabled and elderly spectators, improved performance and access lighting, and assisted-listening technologies are included in the $4 million project.

One of the aims of renovating the stadium was to boost Hermiston’s chances of playing host to state-level performances and collegiate competitions. As a result, the renovated stadium will include a comprehensive press box and concessions facility. The concessions area will feature a four-bay concessions and Booster spirit booth. The press box will include seven rooms and a game management area with a covered video booth for streaming and broadcasting capabilities, and elevator access for the disabled.

“The Hermiston community and region is simply amazing,” said Smith. “From individuals to corporate partners, the support, both financially and emotionally has been nothing short of remarkable. Just like so many other projects in the past, our community continues to roll up its sleeves and do whatever is necessary to continue promoting opportunities for our youth and improved economic vitality for our region.”

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