Construction Begins on Tillamook Plant Expansion in Boardman

Tillamook Cheese, Boardman
Tillamook's Boardman factory began its expansion in February.

The Tillamook County Creamery Association say the facility will expand by more than 63,000 square feet.

The expansion will add whey processing capabilities to Tillamook’s existing cheese-making plant in Boardman. In a press release, the TCCA said the demand for such capability has grown in the last several years, as the lactose protein components derived from whey (which is separated from milk in order to make cheese) are increasingly being recognized for their high nutritional value and used in products like infant formula, performance nutrition products and products that help manage some of the impacts of aging.

“Our farm-family owners have committed a significant investment to enhancing our infrastructure in Boardman so that we can maximize the value we derive from every pound of milk we produce,” said Patrick Criteser, president and CEO of Tillamook County Creamery Association. “We look forward to the opportunities this expansion will provide us, including the ability to provide more jobs here in Morrow County.”

Construction of the new facility is expected to take just over a year, and TCCA intends to have the new plant commissioned and in production during the first quarter of 2014. Additional staffing, as well as additional technical expertise will be needed to run the new plant, and TCCA is finalizing plans for hiring and technical training as well.