Deputies, Good Samaritans Help Rescue Boy Injured on Snowmobile


Two Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office deputies and a couple of good Samaritans helped rescue a young boy who was injured in a snowmobile accident on Saturday.

Deputies Rick Carter and Jonathan Roberts were on snowmobile patrol near Jubilee Lake in the northern part of the county on Saturday when they came upon a 10-year-old boy who had just been in an accident on a snowmobile, according to the sheriff’s office. The boy’s parents were with him.

According to the sheriff’s office, the boy apparently rode over a berm and went airborne before falling 15 to 20 feet down an embankment. The snowmobile struck a tree while it was airborne, throwing the boy from the vehicle. The sheriff’s office said the boy was in the trees with a possible broken leg and in a great deal of pain.

While the deputies were putting together a rescue plan, two young men stopped and offered assistance. The two deputies and the two citizens were able to use the winch of a utility task vehicle, equipped with snow tracks, to slowly pull the boy up the embankment. He was then transported about 15 miles to the main highway where an ambulance was waiting to take the boy to a Walla Walla hospital.

Afterward, according to the sheriff’s office, the two citizens helped load and transport the damaged snowmobile for the family.



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