District Surpasses Proficiency Goals for ELL Students


The Hermiston School District’s English language learners (ELL) surpassed one of four performance goals for the 2012-13 school year, according to data released by the .

According to the data, 36.96 percent of the district’s ELL students have attained proficiency after five years in the ELL program. ODE’s benchmark for success is 29 percent.

The district fell short in three other Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives including one which measures the percentage of students who demonstrate one year’s growth in English language skills, though the district’s percentage was 47.24 percent.

The state also measures the number of ELL students who exited the program as a result of achieving language proficiency. Set by the Oregon Department of Education, the district needed at least 19 percent of its 880-plus ELL student population to obtain proficiency during the school year. Results show that 13.39 percent met this criterion.

Another of the state’s objectives, part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act, is based on all schools meeting Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) with their ELL students. As a district, Hermiston did not meet this objective.

“Our plans for ELL specialists to align their curriculum and collaborate with classroom teachers creates a more supportive environment for the district’s English language learners,” said Bryn Browning, the district’s assistant superintendent and director of English Language Learner Programs. “Several buildings have also started providing parent support activities, such as English language classes, family nights and other events that foster family learning and positive, parent partnerships to improve their student’s school experience.”