DOT: Oregonians Have Just One Year Left to Get Real-ID Compliant


Planning to travel on an airline? The Oregon Department of Transporation suggests that you check your ID. If you don’t have Real ID yet, you should consider adding it to your license or ID card at Oregon DMV.

That’s because, starting May 7, 2025, all travelers must have a Real ID-compliant driver’s license or ID card, or other approved identification, to pass through security checkpoints at airports. A standard Oregon card will not be acceptable by the Transportation Security Administration.

Oregonians can travel by air after the deadline if they have a DMV-issued Real ID, a passport, or any of the documents listed here. If you don’t have Real ID yet, we recommend visiting a DMV office soon to apply for one.

Before you go to DMV, make sure you have all the documents you need for Real ID with our online questionnaire — click “Determine my Real ID documents” in the Real ID Help section.

The deadline is a year away. Do I need to apply for Real ID now?

It’s a good idea! If your old card expires before the Real ID deadline, to save time and extra fees, you should upgrade to a Real ID-compliant card. You can renew up to one year before your expiration date.

The star on this sample Oregon driver license identifies that it is Real ID Act compliant – and usable for air travel May 7, 2025, and beyond. (Image courtesy of ODOT)

Oregon credentials are valid for up to eight years. If you upgrade to Real ID at renewal time, you won’t have to come back to DMV and pay another fee to get Real ID before you travel. And if you know you will travel by air before you’re up for renewal, make a plan now to get Real ID before you go.

We think it’s smart to apply for Real ID as soon as you can to avoid the inevitable rush before the May 2025 deadline. While we are making plans to serve an influx of DMV customers who want Real ID in 2025, you will avoid the crowd by getting Real ID now — and you will be compliant when the TSA deadline arrives.

Don’t get left at the airport!

It can take extra time and multiple steps to get a Real ID, so it’s important to plan how to get it before you need it. Here’s what we recommend you do to avoid being turned away by airport security after May 7, 2025:

  • Make a plan. Do you know what type of ID you need? Do you know how long it will take to get it? If you already have a passport, that will serve as compliant identification. If you choose to get a Real ID (it’s okay to carry both), Oregon DMV will need to inspect your application and identity documents in person at a DMV office. It can take up to two weeks to process, verify and issue your new card. Passports may take even longer to obtain, so it’s critical to plan out the steps you need to take to get Real ID before you travel.
  • Gather your documents. Many types of documents can be used to verify your identity. Fill use our “Determine my Real ID documents” tool under Real ID Help to find out which documents will work for you. The website tool will help you make a checklist of documents you need so you can gather them before you visit a DMV office.
  • Make an appointment or visit a DMV office with your documents. We will verify your identity and address, scan your documents, and take your photo. It takes about two weeks after you apply to receive your card in the mail. Note that you cannot get a Real ID by renewing or replacing your credential online; staff must inspect your documents in person. There is a $30 fee for the Real ID option in addition to the regular application, replacement or renewal fee.

About Real ID

Passed by Congress in 2005, the REAL ID Act was a 9/11 Commission recommendation that the Federal Government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver’s licenses.” The Act established minimum security standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards and prohibits certain federal agencies from accepting for official purposes licenses and identification cards from states that do not meet these standards. These purposes are:

  • Boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.
  • Accessing certain federal facilities.
  • Entering nuclear power plants.

Learn more

Learn more about Real ID in Oregon and make your own checklist of documents you need to apply at

Find out what other types of ID the Transportation Security Administration will accept at airports at

Learn more about federal requirements for Real ID at


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