EOTEC to Get New Logo as Part of Rebranding Effort by City


The Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center will get a new logo as part of the re-branding effort by the city of Hermiston.

This design for the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center was the clear winner in an online survey of stakeholders.

The Hermiston City Council on Monday approved a new logo designed by Focal Point Marketing.

Two designs were developed, and the city conducted an online survey. Input was sought from the council, the EOTEC Advisory Committee and EOTEC clients. Results showed survey participants preferred the second design over the first. Among the respondents, 89 percent said the second design will “resonate with the community, visitors and potential businesses.” That compares to 63 percent for the first design.

A total of 53 percent surveyed had concerns with the first design, while  only 26 percent had concerns with the second design.

This first design only received support from 5 percent of those surveyed.

When asked to choose between the two designs, 95 percent favored the second design.

“It was clear that there was a lot of support for the second design,” said City Manager Byron Smith.

Smith said the new branding will be fully implemented over time.


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