Garcia Breaking Down Walls in Hermiston


A recent article in OregonLive puts Hermiston resident Jose Garcia squarely in the spotlight.

Garcia is the current chairman of the Hispanic Advisory Committee in Hermiston. The committee advises the Hermiston City Council on Hispanic affairs as they relate to the city. He launched and directs New Horizons, a substance abuse treatment facility in Hermiston.

Garcia has been a Hermiston resident for 28 years. He and his wife moved here in 1989 for that “better life” and have raised three children. He grew up on a dairy in Yakima in a large family and understands the meaning of hard work.

Garcia is deeply immersed in the place he calls home and has a personal feel for the effects of the uncertainty of immigration, brought on by today’s political rhetoric. He remains optimistic, though, that those in the Hispanic community who have been in this country illegally for many years, but who have contributed so much to it, will ultimately have the chance to remain.

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