Good Shepherd Announces Addition of Hospital-Based Dialysis Care

Good Shepherd Health Care System can now provide dialysis treatment on campus. Board-certified nephrologist Dr. Fadi Akoum has over 15 years of experience providing kidney and dialysis care. (Photo courtesy of Good Shepherd)

Good Shepherd Health Care System (GSHCS) announced on Tuesday that it has equipped its Critical Care Unit and Emergency Department to provide dialysis treatment, with additional plans for future expansion.

“We are very excited to now offer inpatient dialysis treatment right here on campus for our patients,” said GSHCS President & CEO Art Mathisen. “Our nephrologist, Dr. Fadi Akoum, and our entire treatment team are totally committed to providing high-quality kidney and dialysis care for patients throughout our region.”

Inpatient dialysis is a critical and life-saving treatment that historically has not been available in this area. Often patients were transferred long distances to facilities providing inpatient dialysis, which can be a significant hardship for patients and families to travel.

“Now that GSHCS has this service, we will not only be able to take care of our local patients, but also begin accepting patients from other hospitals in our region that don’t have this life-saving treatment,” said Mathisen. “This is another example of Good Shepherd becoming the regional healthcare provider our communities deserve.”

The purpose of dialysis treatment is to artificially perform the functions of the kidneys, such as filtering waste products and excess fluids from the blood. This helps maintain a balance of essential substances in the body and manage conditions related to impaired kidney function.

“This is a great leap forward for kidney care in our region,” said Akoum. “We will be able to provide uninterrupted dialysis care for the patients who need it, helping them to stay near their loved ones while being cared for.  It is exciting to see our Good Shepherd family and services grow, providing the highest level of care.”

Good Shepherd’s Nephrology Clinic is located at 600 NW 11th St., Suite E-10, in Hermiston. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fadi Akoum, call 541-667-3661. To learn more about nephrology (kidney care) and dialysis services, visit the Good Shepherd website.


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