Hermiston City Council Approves Request to Annex 71 Acres

George Anderson, attorney representing the Hermiston School District, talks to the Hermiston City Council Monday night about the district's request to annex 19 acres of district-owned land into the city limits. (Photo by Michael Kane)

The Hermiston City Council voted Monday night to annex approximately 71 acres that clears the way for the possible construction of new elementary school in the future.

The annexed land sits along the north side of E. Theater Lane between N.E. 8th Street and N.E. 10th Street.  The property consists of two tax lots – 52 acres owned by the Hermiston Irrigation District and about 19 acres owned by the Hermiston School District.

Hermiston City Planner Clint Spencer said that at this time both of the parcels are vacant. The school district has long-term plans to propose an elementary school on their property in the future.  The city council’s action on Monday will allow for development of the land.

The proposal will amend the comprehensive plan map from the current urbanizable, future residential status to an urban, medium density residential status.

The Medium Density Residential comprehensive plan map designation corresponds to a Multi-Family Residential (R-3) zoning designation. Monday’s annexation vote also approved an R-3 zoning designation.

The city has an agreement with Umatilla County to manage the urban growth boundary, which means the right-of-way for E. Theater Lane and N.E. 10th Street adjacent to the site will also be annexed. Spencer said N.E. 10th Street is currently a county road and will remain a county road until urban improvements are installed and maintenance jurisdiction is transferred to the city.

The property lies in an area that is partially developed. The Sunset Estates subdivision lies to the west and the Cimmaron Terrace subdivision lies to the south and west. Sunset Estates is a low-density subdivision containing a mix of single and two-family dwellings.  The Cimmaron Terrace subdivision is also a mix of common-wall attached single-family dwellings and future phases of detached single-family development. To the south is also the Vista Mobile Home Park along N.E. 10th Street. Lands to the north and east are rural residential land with single-family dwellings on large acreages. All of the land to the north and east is also designated as Future Residential for eventual incorporation into the city.