Hermiston Council to Hold Cannabis Sales Discussion on March 25


The Hermiston City Council will discuss putting legalized commercial cannabis on the ballot at its regular March 25 meeting.

The item was originally planned for the March 11 meeting, but three councilors will be attending the National League of Oregon Cities conference on that date and will be unable to be part of the discussion.

The council held a work session on Monday, Feb. 26 in response to public feedback during budget discussions. In the work session the council reviewed a recent public survey and staff report regarding the process for re-considering cannabis sales in Hermiston.

Public comment will be taken during the March 25 meeting.


  1. You seem to want more crime more homeless more broken families more addicted children. That is stuck on stupid, we already voted it down do not cram this bad idea down our throats.

  2. It’s pretty clear that your vote does not matter in Hermiston. It seems like Hermiston just wants more money at any cost. Vote for or against or don’t vote at all, it does not matter.
    It would be appropriate to locate the new dispensery over by the swimming pool.

  3. I don’t live in Hermiston, but I am smart enough that the drugs will not only be in Hermiston. ALL towns will have the negative effects of drug sales in Hermiston. It doesn’t take a rocket genius to figure that out.


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