Hermiston, Helix Have Umatilla County’s Highest Vaccination Rates


Hermiston and Helix have the highest COVID-19 vaccination rates in the county, according to the Umatilla County Health Department.

As of Oct. 7, both Hermiston and Helix had 72 percent of its population aged 15 and over that had at least one dose.

At the other end of the spectrum, Adams is last among the county’s cities with a 36-percent vaccination rate.

The overall vaccination rate for Umatilla County is 63 percent.

Other cities and their vaccination rates are Pendleton at 64 percent, Ukiah and Meacham at 59 percent, Echo at 58 percent, Pilot Rock at 54 percent, Athena at 49 percent, Umatilla at 46 percent, Stanfield at 44 percent, Weston at 42 percent and Milton-Freewater at 37 percent.



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