Hermiston High School FFA Chapter Heading to National Convention

Hermiston FFA’s advanced Parliamentary Procedure team is heading to the 96th FFA National Convention in Indianapolis Nov. 1-4. Students participating in the Parliamentary Procedure Leadership Development Event are evaluated on their ability to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting using parliamentary procedure. (Photo courtesy of Hermiston FFA)

The Hermiston FFA Chapter’s hard work has paid off with an upcoming trip to the 96th FFA National Convention in Indianapolis Nov. 1-4.

According to a Hermiston FFA press release, the school’s Conduct of Chapter Meetings team won the state title and is moving on to compete at the national level. This marks back-to-back wins for Hermiston FFA as last year’s group won at the district, sectional and state levels of competition. 

According to ffa.org, the Conduct of Chapter Meetings Leadership Development Eventintroduces FFA members to parliamentary procedure as they learn how to conduct efficient meetings and build communication skills. Designed for FFA members in seventh, eighth and ninth grade, this LDE challenges a team of seven students from one chapter to demonstrate correct use of FFA opening and closing ceremonies.

The seven Hermiston team members won the state title as freshmen and are competing at the national convention against teams from throughout the United States and its territories, the release states. 

The team consists of Catherine Doherty, Delaney Wieseler, Keegin Keely, Gabrielle Mendoza, Hunter Hansell, Taylor Blackburn and Balie Wilson, and is coached by McKay and Hermiston alumnus Kennidy Baker.

“With the contest being new to the state of Oregon in 2022, Hermiston can proudly claim to be the only chapter to have represented our state in the national competition,” Hermiston FFA advisor Sandy McKay said.

According to the release, Hermiston FFA’s advanced Parliamentary Procedure team also swept the district, sectional and state competitions to stamp its return to the national convention.

That team is made up of Elle Blakely, Cozette Cooley, Payton Howard, Alexis Castillo, Jaydan McKim and Addison Garberg, and is coached by McKay and Baker.

According to ffa.org, students participating in the Parliamentary Procedure LDE are evaluated on their ability to conduct an orderly and efficient meeting using parliamentary procedure. Participants are judged on their knowledge of parliamentary law and their ability to present logical, realistic and convincing debate and motions.

Last year, the team won the Conduct of Chapter Meetings state title as freshmen, the release states, and in March, as sophomores, they competed against other Oregon teams to earn the FFA state title in the advanced Parliamentary Procedure contest.  

“I could not be more proud of these amazing young ladies,” McKay said. “They are examples for any FFA member on how hard work, dedication, teamwork and a strong desire to succeed can take you to the highest level of competition and accomplishment.”

McKay added that it’s an extraordinary achievement to win back-to-back state titles in the beginning and advanced Parliamentary Procedure contests, especially since the advanced contest is often dominated by upperclassmen. 

Parliamentary Procedure, the release states, is one the most challenging and competitive leadership development events offered within FFA, and is commonly referred to as the “Super Bowl” of LDEs at the national convention.

It is also states that among those earning the privilege of representing Oregon at the national convention is recent Hermiston graduate Kylie Temple.

Temple won the Advanced Public Speaking competition at the Oregon State Convention with her speech about anaerobic digestion as a solution to dairy waste streams, aptly titled “Poop Power.” 

Temple was also elected to serve as the 2023-24 Oregon FFA vice president at the state convention. With her duties as a state officer and the opportunity to serve as a state delegate at the national convention, Temple opted not to compete with her speech, stepping aside to let the runner-up take her place, according to the release.

“The Hermiston FFA Chapter is proud of its history of making a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education,” the release states.

Winning a state title and moving on to compete at the national level is the Hermiston FFA Conduct of Chapter Meetings team. The team will represent Hermiston at the 96th FFA National Convention in Indianapolis Nov. 1-4. (Photo courtesy of Hermiston FFA)


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