Hermiston High School Graduation Rate Falls 2.1 Percent in 2022-23


Hermiston School District released its graduation rate for the 2022-2023 academic year, revealing a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

Results show a 78.3 percent four-year graduation rate. This is a 2.1 percent decrease from the 2021-2022 rate of 80.4 percent. The district’s four-year completer rate was 82.1, which includes students who earned an extended diploma or GED, in addition to the students included in the graduation rate.

More than 37,000 Oregon students graduated in 2023, 81.3% of the class, according to Oregon Department of Education data published Thursday.

The district said in a press release that the 2022-2023 graduation rate reflects the culmination of efforts to support students through unprecedented times. This graduating class faced the unique challenges of starting high school during a global pandemic. The district said that despite these obstacles, the district remains committed to addressing the factors influencing the graduation rate.

“The data underscores the challenges our students faced as they entered high school during a particularly challenging period,” said Scott Depew, director of Secondary Education for the district. “We recognize the importance of the 9th-grade year in setting the trajectory for success. Our data emphasizes just how important it is to ensure every student has a strong start.”

Attendance and truancy have emerged as ongoing challenges within the Hermiston School District, mirroring statewide trends. Regular attendance rates, defined as students attending school more than 90% of the school days, have declined. The district is diligently examining the root causes of this decline and is committed to implementing targeted interventions to improve attendance rates across all grade levels.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tricia Mooney commented on the graduation rate announcement, stating, “Hermiston School District is dedicated to fostering an environment that supports the success of every student,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tricia Mooney. “We understand the complexities our students faced during their high school journey, and we are actively working to implement strategies that address these challenges head-on.”


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