Hermiston High Students Now Selecting Academic Courses Online


Hermiston High School is continuing to hold online forecasting through the end of this week – May 15.

Students currently in grades 8-11 may begin making their course selections for the 2020-21 school year, at that time. The online site provides forecasting directions, videos, and a copy of the course catalog. All resources will be provided in English and Spanish. Students can make changes to their requests any time during the forecasting window. Changes made after Friday, May 15, need to be e-mailed to the counselor.

For information on how to access the site, call the district office at 541-667-6000.

Hermiston School District requires 24 credits to graduate. A full schedule of seven credits allows a student to take maximum advantage of educational opportunities available at Hermiston High School. Students should carefully review the course options, consult with their parents and counselor as needed, and select their courses, which may include alternate course choices to meet their educational goals.

Forecasted courses are only requests. An actual schedule is not created. Most often, the students get the courses they request when forecasting. However, scheduling conflicts do arise, and an alternate course chosen by the student may be substituted. High school counselors will review the student requests and will reach out to students and parents with any questions or concerns.


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