Hermiston Man Gets 200 Years in Prison After Pleading Guilty to Incest


A Hermiston man was sentenced to 200 years in prison after pleading guilty to 19 sexual offense counts involving his granddaughter.

Jose Olivarez Fernandez

Umatilla County District Attorney Daniel Primus said Jose Olivarez Fernandez, 59, abused his granddaughter from the time she was age 6 to the time she was 9 years old, when the abuse was reported. Primus said the abuse took place in multiple jurisdictions, the most recent being the defendant’s home in Hermiston.

Fernandez pleaded guilty just prior to his now 10-year-old granddaughter taking the stand to testify.

The trial took place Jan. 26-27 with sentencing taking place on Friday, Jan. 29. Fernandez pleaded guilty to 19 counts of unlawful sexual penetration, first-degree sodomy, first-degree sex abuse, using child in display of sexually explicit conduct, encouraging child sex abuse in the first degree, and incest.

The case was prosecuted by Chief Deputy District Attorney Jaclyn Jenkins. The case was investigated by the Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office with help from the Guardian Care Center, a nonprofit designed to minimize trauma to child abuse victims.


  1. I’ve known him and his family since I was a kid, grew up just down the street from them and I never knew he was capable of doing such a thing. You always say “I’m glad I don’t know anyone like that,” then you find out you really do know someone who has done such a thing. Tragic, simply tragic. He’ll never get out and probably be killed on the inside within 6 months.
    I always said that whoever does something like this should be beaten to death slowly.
    I still feel this way.


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