Hermiston Seeks to Increase Civic Participation Through Online Surveys


The city of Hermiston will soon provide citizens with an ongoing way to give feedback and opinions on a variety of community topics.

The city is working with a company called FlashVote  to make civic participation more accessible and simple for the community.

The city recently contracted FlashVote, a third-party survey provider, to collect timely resident feedback on community topics of concern. The first survey is expected to go live this month.

FlashVote creates a series of 1-minute surveys on local issues that residents from all areas of the community may receive by email, phone call, or text message, depending on the method the participant chooses. Surveys will cover a wide range of topics like public safety concerns, recreation, upcoming city events, and much more.

After a resident signs up to be part of the survey pool, they will quickly receive a notification whenever a survey is launched by the city of Hermiston. Participants will have up to 48 hours to complete the survey before it closes. Once the survey closes, FlashVote immediately tabulates all the responses, and provides the results to Hermiston city staff, elected officials, and the public.

“We’re always striving to make Hermiston a more inclusive community, and that means listening to a wide range of ideas and viewpoints,” said Assistant City Manager Mark Morgan. “A third-party service like FlashVote allows us to tap into the community in a new way and for residents to hear what others are saying as well. We hope it will open up the conversation to more voices while helping find common ground on important issues.”

Hermiston officials say all results are anonymous and FlashVote does not share personal information with anyone. Interested Hermiston residents are encouraged to sign up and learn more at www.flashvote.com/hermiston.


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