Hermiston's Population Tops 17,000

Hermiston Population
The latest estimates from Portland State University has Hermiston's population at 17,240.

Hermiston gained 245 residents since the last population estimate, according to Portland State University.

The new estimates, released this week, show Hermiston with an estimated population of 17,240 as of July 1, 2013. The latest estimate indicates that Hermiston’s continued population growth picked up steam since the 2012 estimate by nearly doubling the year over year increase.

The latest estimate makes Hermiston the only city in Eastern Oregon with more than 17,000 residents and continues the area’s long-term growth trend. Hermiston has added more than 4,800 residents since the year 2000, which equates to a 27.9-percent growth in just 13 years.

“The city of Hermiston has always placed a priority on growth and economic development,” said Hermiston City Planner Clint Spencer. “These strong numbers show that employers and residents continue to find Hermiston an excellent place to grow and live.”

Hermiston’s 1.42-percent increase over the year outpaced the 0.99 percent overall growth in the Umatilla County population, according to PSU. Hermiston accounted for 31.6 percent of county-wide growth to bring Umatilla County’s population to 77,895.

Portland State University’s Population Research Center’s estimates are based on the most recent Census and represent Oregon’s July 1 populations each year during the decade until the next decennial Census. These estimates are for populations of the state and its counties and cities. PRC Estimates are the official population numbers for Oregon and are used to disburse state revenues to Oregon counties and cities. The estimates are certified yearly on Dec. 15.