January is School Board Recognition Month

Hermiston School Board
The Hermiston School District is honoring its board of directors in January, which is School Board Recognition Month.

Hermiston School District is observing this month at School Board Recognition Month.

The district joins 197 school districts throughout Oregon to celebrate the volunteers’ commitment to service and public education.

“Our school board members spend countless hours of unpaid time working to provide the best possible education for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fred Maiocco. “They serve as a board of directors to the fourth largest employer in the community. Celebrating our school board is one way to thank them for all they do.”

The following are the members of the Hermiston School Board:

  • Chair Karen Sherman—retired middle school teacher, serving since 2001.
  • Vice-Chair Ginny Holthus—contract accountant, serving since 2009.
  • Josh Goller—insurance agent, serving since 2015.
  • Bonnie Luisi—retired special education para-educator, serving since 2016.
  • Jason Middleton—director of grain operations, serving since 2008.
  • Don Rankin—retired employee for the State Parks and Recreation Department, serving since 2005.
  • Dave Smith—small business owner, serving since 2011.


The seven board members adopt policies and make decisions that help shape the future of our district and our education system. They provide oversight of an $81 million annual budget, over 5600 students, 17 administrators, about 300 teachers and 250 support staff, in 11 buildings (eight schools, Life Skills, maintenance, and the district office building).

The board members represent their fellow citizens’ views and priorities in the complex enterprise of maintaining and running the community’s public schools. They also reinforce the principle of local control over public education, which is an important, highly valued aspect of education in Oregon.

During the month of January, each board member is recognized by a school within the district. Each school is creative in how they highlight the Board; members may be recognized at a student body assembly, lunch with students, or bulletin boards and decorations hung in their honor. The district will acknowledge the Board at its regular January meeting, where Superintendent Maiocco will proclaim January School Board Recognition Month and hold a social to honor the members.

“Even though we take the month of January to show appreciation for our school board members, we recognize their contributions reflect a year-round effort,” said Maiocco. “We don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed.”