Lamb Weston, Swaggart Brothers Make Major Donation to HEROS

A small gathering took place at the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center to mark the Hall of Fame donations by Lamb Weston and Swaggart Brothers to the HEROS project. Pictured left to right: Luke Swanson, Kriss Dammeyer, Mitch Boylan, Kelly Morgan, Cody Vandewall, Robin Foley and Lee Benish. (Photo by Michael Kane)

HEROS, the proposed 18-acre multi-sport complex located at the Eastern Oregon Trade & Event Center (EOTEC) has made some serious progress in recent weeks.

Two local community partners, Lamb Weston and Swaggart Brothers, have made significant donations to the project. The two organizations are the first to commit at the Hall of Fame level for the project. The donations will go toward needed material and equipment to assist in completing the project before the spring of 2023.

“Although we are blown away by both organization’s generosity, we are not surprised” said Luke Swanson, HEROS Committee member. “The community partners have stepped up in a big way and we are fortunate to be surrounded by such a giving community.”

In addition to the contributions by both organizations, irrigation development has taken place at the site where soccer, lacrosse, 7-on-7 football, and other sports will be played.

“In the past few weeks, we have installed the irrigation mainline to water all of the fields,” said Josh Burns, fellow HEROS Committee member. All the equipment for the irrigation mainline was donated by several community partners.

The HEROS Committee is working with Made To Thrive, a local youth-focused nonprofit that serves as the group’s fiscal agent for donations.

“We have already seen a ton of success during this project and want to thank our community partners,” said Kriss Dammeyer, executive director of Made to Thrive. “We are also appreciative of those who have helped spread the word and all those who aspire to be a HERO.”

Although the project has been progressing nicely, donations and contributions are still needed. If you wish to donate or contribute, reach out to Luke Swanson at (541) 667-7077. For more information, visit the project’s Facebook page.