Letter to the Editor: Vote for Pat Maier for County Commissioner


To the editor:

Patricia (Pat) Maier gets my vote in the race for Umatilla County Commissioner.

I’ve known Pat for over 10 years, and Pat was an over-achiever before anyone even coined the term. Her broad base of life and employment experiences make her the best candidate. She owns and operates a small construction company, so she’s able to solve complex problems, sometimes through a combination of creative thinking and winning personality.

I always appreciate her somewhat unusual ability to look at all sides of an issue, too, before rendering an opinion or taking action. Her employees appreciate her genuine concern and encouragement for them, both on the job and off, as evidenced by the fact that the business has kept everyone working through the COVID-19 slowdown. Pat is fiscally conservative, a quality desirable in anyone running a business or seeking public office, especially during a time when Umatilla County is facing growth and development issues.

Pat’s success in dealing with government offices and regulations means she knows how to get things done. A number of Pat’s prior jobs were with oil and gas companies, both as an administrator and an operator. Again, it’s experience that’s applicable during these times when renewable energy is such a concern. Basically, Pat has a lifetime of experience doing a variety of different things. She has demonstrated adaptability and a capacity for learning. Therefore, she would bring unmatched skills and knowledge to the job on the Umatilla County Board of Commissioners.

One Facebook user commented recently on Pat’s Facebook page that she shouldn’t be elected because she’s from Kansas. Last time Pat lived in Kansas was in 1972, so please try not to hold it against her. She has come a long way from Kansas, achieving great things at every stop along the way! I read on the Umatilla County Commissioner’s site that one of our current commissioners was born in Rhode Island. Another was born in southern California, proof that one’s place of birth does not determine destiny in life.

Pat Maier has a lot of skill, life experience and wisdom to offer the citizens of Umatilla County. I strongly encourage everyone to hire her with their vote in May.

Alice Stanley, Hermiston


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