Man Appeals His 50-Month Sentence; Re-Trial Gets Him 70 Months


A Milton-Freewater man who appealed a 50-month sentence for a stabbing incident has now been sentenced to 70 months in prison after being granted a new trial.

Krystian Thomas Allen

Krystian Thomas Allen, 29, had been convicted in January 2020 and sentenced to 50 months in prison with the chance for early release. The jury, however, voted 10-2 to convict. As a result, Allen successfully appealed the verdict based on the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that found non-unanimous verdicts unconstitutional.

After the second jury unanimously found Allen guilty of second-degree assault, Circuit Court Judge Daniel Hill said he was not bound by the previous sentencing court’s findings and imposed a voter-mandated 70-month sentence without eligibility for early release or any reductions in his sentence.

The conviction stems from a May 16, 2019 incident in which Allen stabbed George Martin of Athena in the back.


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