McNary Dam Boat Ramp to Temporarily Close


Public access to the McNary Dam boat ramp will be closed Sept. 28-29 to accommodate construction activities in the parking lot, according to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials.

The park closure is necessary to ensure public safety while the Corps rebuilds the potable water-supply system at McNary Lock and Dam.

Visitors should avoid any area designated as a closed construction zone, or marked off with caution tape or fencing.

Recreational boaters can access the Columbia River upstream of McNary Lock and Dam from other nearby boat launches.

The nearest fee-free launch available on the south shoreline (Oregon side)of the river is Hat Rock State Park located about 6 miles upstream of the dam.

The nearest free boat launch on the north side (Washington side) of the river is the Washington boat ramp, located just upstream of the dam.

For more information about this project or for general information, contact McNary Dam at 542-922-2268.