Megaload Slowly Approaching Oregon-Idaho Border


The so-called ‘megaload’ is making its way – mega-slowly – across Eastern Oregon and has arrived at John Day.

The Ontario Argus Observer reports that officials expect it be in Vale by Wednesday.

A 450-ton shipment of oil refinery equipment travels at about 35 mph and blocks highways. It’s allowed to move only at night and has to stop at intervals to allow traffic to pass. Protests and bad weather also have delayed it.

The equipment is headed for the Canadian tar sands oil development via Idaho and Montana.

The water purification equipment went by barge from Portland, where it was fabricated, to the Port of Umatilla. There, it was loaded onto a transport rig and headed south, mostly on U.S. 395, to John Day.

The load is the first of three scheduled shipments through Eastern Oregon.

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