Neighborhood Dogs Take Bite Out of Crime


Police officers, local residents and neighborhood dogs helped track down a Hermiston man accused of theft on Friday.

Zachary Knaus
Zachary Knaus
On Friday afternoon, a resident on W. Ridgeway Avenue spotted Zachary T. Knaus, 26, 1115 E. Gladys Ave., exiting a neighbor’s vehicle in the 800 block of W. Ridgeway Ave.

Hermiston police officers were called and began canvassing the area and setting up a perimeter.

In the meantime, friends of the victim began pursuing Knaus, who also encountered several dogs as he was fleeing through backyards. A short time later, Knaus was apprehended by HPD officer Mike Ellwood, who noticed Knaus had several scratches and torn clothing, thanks to the neighborhood dogs.

Knaus was offered medical attention but denied it. Knaus was charged and lodged at the Umatilla County Jail on a detainer warrant issued by parole and probation.

Knaus is alleged to have stolen $105 from a wallet in the car he had entered. He was charged with unlawful entry into a motor vehicle and second-degree theft.

“Mr. Knaus was out walking the streets looking for an opportunity to victimize someone,” Hermiston Police Chief Jason Edmiston said. “This is why it is so critical for our citizenry to remove valuables from vehicles and lock the doors. Whether it is real or not, it would appear some kind of karma came into play as Knaus was pursued out of the backyards and onto the streets where officers captured him.”